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  In the vast world of the great wide web, Information Technology (IT) departments are crucial to managing all of the intricacies and technical aspects associated with establishing your website and keeping it maintained online. On the flip side of that coin, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become the number one driving factor in establishing a powerful online presence. So it only seems natural that your IT department and SEO team should work collectively with one another. Often, though, these two departments stick to themselves. So how can we create an environment......

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Search engine optimization (SEO), is the set of rules/practices that should be followed to optimize websites/blogs. Proper SEO techniques improve search engine rankings, thus driving traffic to the your website. Additionally, SEO is an excellent way to improve website quality by creating a user- friendly site that’s faster and easier to navigate. It’s all about the user experience! Why is SEO Important? In today’s competitive business climate SEO is a key component to a website. Search engines reach millions of users around the world every day (if not more). Ultimately, SEO can......

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