The Power of Digital PR

the power of digital pr

As your company grows, chances are that you have a library of articles about Digital PR bookmarked on your computer.

With an objective to improve your brand’s visibility online, digital PR brings traditional public relations to life, but does it virtually. Transforming your press releases and networking tactics into digital content increases the chances of you scoring social media mentions, and as a result, nabbing SEO rankings. 

As a professional, your expertise lies in building one-on-one relationships with your customers and clients alike. Generating a buzz about your brand has always been your top priority – unfortunately, SEO-friendly words haven’t quite made the cut. Decoding web jargon is a tricky ship to steer but as the lines between online and offline blur, conventional communication strategies find themselves evolving to include a hybrid between PR and SEO. 

Simply put, Search Engine Optimization (SE0) is a digital roadmap in place to help you optimize your website and draw in more visitors. Weaving it into your PR checklist can reap significant benefits for your web traffic.

Through linkable content, digital PR holds the potential to give your brand the best of both worlds as it spans across online and offline mediums to gain widespread coverage. When your brand creates newsworthy content that’s targeted and timely, it attracts journalists who further boost your digital presence by publishing online articles about you. 

how digital pr can help your business

Here’s how digital PR can propel your business to the next level:

  • Greater credibility: When linked by a top-tier publication, your website is soon looked at with a fresh pair of eyes. You’re no longer a run-of-the-mill brand but a trusted source of information. Site visitors read your content with confidence and retain insights from your latest blog post. 
  • Improved visibility: News publications are the go-to platform for information on current events. When you’re featured on their websites, you gain access to their large audiences, achieving greater brand awareness.
  • Increased brand mentions: Digital PR helps you access the entirety of the internet – and that includes social media. With avenues cleared for conversation, every interaction acts as a boost for your brand to gain traction unlike ever before. The best part? It’s also cost-effective.
  • Tap into larger audiences: Leave your website’s door open and welcome new visitors from all over the world. Previously unaware of your services, a fresh market now finds itself signing up to your emailers, driving traffic upwards. The bonus: they could also be your next customers.

When it comes to traditional PR and digital strategies, there’s no doubt that they’re stronger together. It’s time to visit the untouched bookmark – after all, digital PR is truly a match made in marketing heaven. 


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