WebQuest Shortlisted for Third Year at Mena Search Award

WebQuest is thrilled to be shortlisted for the MENA Search award for the third year in a row. This year we are excited to be shortlisted for Best Local Campaign for our recent collaboration with Collars & Cuffs. While it’s an honor to be shortlisted, we already consider ourselves winners for the results we have achieved for our clients over at Collars & Cuffs. Ultimately, our success is measured in our ability to help them reach their goal of growth despite being deeply impacted by the restrictions of the recent global pandemic.



Founded in 2014 by our CEO Mazen Aloul, we have worked tirelessly to build a team of talented, innovative SEO consultants with the shared vision to be the best at what we do. At WebQuest, we are ambitious, passionate, and determined, and work cohesively towards the same goal: to make our customers visible in the vast world of search! Our team offers an approach to organic SEO in both English and Arabic to help our clients understand search engine optimization as a continuous process. SEO is alive and well, and we strive to maximize the web’s highest converting channels to the benefit of our clients.



We fully understand how hard it is to expand your reach in a cluttered digital space. Now more than ever, it’s critical for SMEs to connect with potential clients in meaningful and authentic ways to help achieve their overarching business goals. Our campaigns are not only designed to resonate with the intended audience, but they are also designed to help improve organic traffic and increase conversions.

Leveraging best practices in all things digital, our techniques and strategies are based on years of hard work, dedication, and industry experience. Not on abstract theories. This starts by understanding our client’s business and their target audience to ensure we employ strategies to help businesses stand out, driving traffic to their website for quantifiable results.



Sure, we could list all the ways we can help businesses reach more customers, but we’d rather show you how our custom-tailored strategies produce results. Over the past year, our team has had the pleasure of working alongside the Collars & Cuffs team to help expand their digital reach. They approached us with three specific goals: improve organic traffic by 200%, increase the number of callers and visitors to the shop by 100%, and to rank for a variety of research-based and transactional keywords in English, on the first page.

Prior to launching our targeted local SEO campaign in May 2021, Collars & Cuffs experienced approximately 10-15 visits through their website, with an average of 2-5 inquiries (callers and visitors). We understood their frustration. Despite providing Dubai with premier bespoke tailoring experiences since the early 1940s, Collars & Cuffs were struggling to reach their target audience. Leveraging a unique combination of marketing, communications, and technical skills, we were able to increase organic traffic by 323% and increase inquiries and visits by 175% in less than a year. Best of all, we achieved these results well within the outlined budget for a local business that was hit hard by lockdown restrictions (each bespoke suit needs in-person measurements and multiple fittings).



Since our inception, we’ve taken great pride in helping businesses across the MENA region to reach as many people as possible through meaningful and authentic content that not only improves SEO but also resonates true to their brand and core values. While we recognize the importance and power of a robust SEO campaign, we also recognize that on the other end of that search there is a human looking to connect. Our campaigns not only boost SEO, but they also increase real life interactions. We believe in full transparency and consistently deliver substantial value for our clients founded on quality driven results and increased search engine rankings.

It’s an honor to be among the finalists for the MENA Search awards for the past three years. Speaking about the shortlisting, WebQuest’s Mazen Aloul said, ”This particular campaign infused exceptional insights and collaborative execution to empower Collars & Cuffs to reach a broader audience and drive inquiries and visits for their timeless bespoke tailoring services. It’s been exciting to watch results exceed their wildest expectations, not to mention the added bonus of being shortlisted for our partnership. Our congratulations to the other finalists as we all work to help our clients achieve their goals.”


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