WebQuest & Client Automotive Case Study

webquest automotive client case study



Established in 2016, WebQuest is a Dubai-based specialist SEO agency that has forged a reputation for delivering high-performing campaigns for ambitious brands across MENA.  In 2020, we were approached by a major website based in the Middle East and focusing on the automotive industry. The client was looking to gain traction in three new regions.  As a result of our analysis, technical recommendations, and implementation by the development teams, we were able to increase overall organic non-branded traffic by 441% in less than 12 months!  



The objective of the engagement is to: 

  1. Increase the visibility of the native region. 
  2. Gain visibility in three new regions in the Middle East. 
  3. Cater to English and Arabic speakers. 

The team at WebQuest and the client agreed on the following: 

  1. Keywords: To rank for as many non-branded keywords as possible across 4 countries, in English and Arabic, on the first page. 
  2. Traffic: To improve total traffic by 100% within 12 months. Traffic per region to increase:
    • Country #1 (original presence):
      • Overall (organic) sessions by 50%.
      • Overall (organic) unique users by 50%
      • Clicks by 50% (non-branded).
      • Impressions by 50% (non-branded).
    • Country #2, Country #3, and Country #4 – agreed to increase:
      • Organic sessions by 100%.
      • Unique users by 100%.
      • Clicks by 250% (non-branded).
      • Impressions by 250% (non-branded).





  • Region: Four countries in the Middle East.
  • Languages: Arabic and English.
  • Age: 25-45.
  • Gender: Male and female.
  • Intent: Individuals looking to purchase new/used vehicles. 


To reach the target demographic and meet our objectives, we undertook: 

  • Research: understand the intent behind searches.
  • Keyword research and mapping: defining search entities, defining attributes to the entities,  defining makes and models for each manufacturer, categorizing search intent behind the searches.
  • Website: restructuring website to capture transactional searches in English & Arabic.
  • Reviews and continuous feedback with the client
  • Reporting: Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Google Data Studio, Semrush, and  ahrefs
  • Website optimization: improve website crawlability, load-time optimization, backlinks, landing pages, on-page SEO, and content.
  • Technical: Server logs, Google Search Console API, and XML sitemaps analysis.



The Clients’ website is a completely custom-built architecture & platform, which required us to  collaborate closely with the client’s web development team and also engineer solutions entirely from scratch, including: 

  • Keyword research: Conducted across four countries in Arabic and English. To nest non-branded search phrases for vehicles, which have hundreds of possible permutations, we created scripts to automate intent classification, mapping segments, to determine precisely what the buyer is searching for. 
  • Total website restructures: Created a new URL structure, internal linking structure, and language siloes; switched from client-side to server-side rendering, conducted server-log analysis; configured on-page elements, devised a new strategy for XML sitemaps, enhanced core web vitals performance, schema implementation.
  • Data pipeline & analytics: Built scripts to pull data through the Search Console API to get insights into the data set, and overlay data from server logs to better understand crawler behaviour. 
  • Optimizing crawlability: We discovered significant index bloat and noticed that the crawl budget was being wasted on unproductive URLs. We, therefore, aimed to continuously clean up the index and conducted regular crawls & server log analysis. 
  • Localization: Because this is a custom platform, we implemented hreflang tags as well as international targeting to build 8 sections for the website (two languages, four regions). 


  1. Schema implementation: Previously, the Client had no structured data approach for products & sections across the website. Therefore, we implemented multiple schema types across the website, including: 
    • Website Schema. 
    • CollectionPage Schema. 
    • BreadcrumbList Schema. 
    • Product Schema.
  2. Ongoing analysis: We built live dashboards on Google Data Studio to compare/analyse search, per language, per region, for branded and non-branded search (weekly and monthly).




> Keywords 

As of the publication of this case study, the client now ranks on hundreds of non-branded keywords across 4 countries, in English and Arabic, on the first page. 

> Traffic 

This campaign delivered 1.4m searches on a three-month basis (vs. 316k pre-campaign) and a 441%increase in non-branded search across four regions in just 12 months! (vs. 100% target).    webquest and client automotive case study results

By region: 

    • Country #1 (native region):
      • Overall organic sessions increased 62.83% (vs. 50% target).
      • Overall unique organic users increased 118.27% (vs. 50% target).
      • Clicks (non-branded) increased 172% (vs. 50% target)
      • Impressions (non-branded) increased 188% (vs. 50% target).
    • Country #2:
      • Overall organic sessions increased 339.78% (vs. 100% target).
      • Overall unique organic users increased 264.17% (vs. 100% target).
      • Clicks (non-branded) increased 1780% (vs. 250% target).
      • Impressions (non-branded) increased 1794% (vs. 250% target).
    • Country #3:
      • Overall organic sessions increased 981.51% (vs. 100% target).
      • Overall unique organic users increased 904.45% (vs. 100% target).
      • Clicks (non-branded) increased 2010% (vs. 250% target).
      • Impressions (non-branded) increased 2154% (vs. 250% target). 
    • Country #4:
      • Overall organic sessions increased 983.67% (vs. 100% target).
      • Overall unique organic users increased 867.97% (vs. 100% target).
      • Clicks (non-branded) increased 1930% (vs. 250% target).
      • Impressions (non-branded) increased 1411% (vs. 250% target). 

> Website optimization

We helped the Client’s web development team achieve the following: 

  • Mobile speed score of 81 (for main listing pages) 

website speed optimization mobile speed score

  • Desktop speed score of 99 (for main listing pages)

website speed optimization desktop speed score



Mazen Aloul SEO Consultant          

Mazen Aloul

          WebQuest & Client Automotive Case Study  

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