It’s about the Preparation, Testing and Execution

Migrating website content is one of the most challenging aspects of SEO consulting. It requires excellent planning, clear communication and the right team of people. If you don’t have all of those things working together, it will be a mess. The experts at WebQuest SEO are up to the challenge! We have the experience and expertise to ensure that all of your SEO migrates to your new website.

By enlisting WebQuest’s team of migration and SEO experts to handle your entire website migration process, you will significantly reduce your risk of downtime. By understanding your requirements, we can develop an effective plan that will provide a seamless migration to your new provider.

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Why WebQuest SEO?

With the help of WebQuest SEO’s team of migration experts, you can rest assured that it’s business as usual during your migration. Throughout the entire process, you can still run your online business without interruption. Our team will address every aspect of file and data complexity, retaining and securing all of your critical information. Throughout the entire process, we will conduct quality assurance to ensure that your website is performing as expected.

Why is it important to consider SEO during your migration?

You’ve spent a great deal of time, effort and money to establish quality SEO that generates leads, high ranking, and organic traffic for your website. You certainly don’t want to lose any of that information. Your SEO is currently indexed within all of the major search engines and when you relaunch or redesign your website you run the risk of losing all of that valuable information. Well, that’s where the SEO experts at WebQuest can help! We will help you plan your SEO migration so that you don’t lose all of your valuable information. We are here to preserve your SEO value.
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Search Engine Optimization

SEO Migration Components

Once your website is online it builds SEO value that increases with time. If you ever decide to redesign or rebuild your website, you should be aware of your current SEO value and all the elements that play into it. At WebQuest, we handle the migration from an SEO perspective ensuring that your SEO value is properly transferred to the new website. Otherwise, you will be forced to start from scratch and all value you have built over time from the old site will go to waste. This is costly in terms of time and your bottom line. Let the professionals at WebQuest properly transition your SEO protecting your previous SEO investments.